A number of specialist truck designs have been completed

Capoco has never addressed the standard volume truck market, nor the volume panel van market.

Specialist design technology for the heavy vehicle sector

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clients, ranging from OEMs to commercial operators.

Dennis Eagle Elite

Work on the original concept changed the proposed tubular chassis to a conventional one.

Dennis Rapier

This original Capoco concept was proposed in 1984 as the LIFE or Light Fire Engine. Design Council Design Award

ZIL TRD Race Truck

Multi link suspension developed with first leaf then coil springs. Layout then adopted by all the other works teams.

Dennis Fire Cab

Cromweld 3CR12 structure to suit Rapier & Sabre chassis, plus interior & styling

Concept Truck Suspension

Link based design with transverse drag link, technology shared with ZIL race truck & Optare Solo

Truck Air Suspensions

Coil & air suspensions designed for truck chassis including Dennis Rapier & sabre

Specialist heavy vehicle technology

Packaging, structure & suspension for new truck concepts

Dennis Elite

  • Chassis frame concept
  • Suspension design & development
  • Bin lift structural study
  • Inspired the Mercedes Econic design…

ZIL Race Truck

  • Originally leaf springs plus links
  • Supertruck version changed all the grid competitors to this coil & link design
  • Inspiration for later CAT truck

Capoco Design & Analysis

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